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We hold 15 pate…

We hold 15 pate….


We hold 15 pate…

We hold 15 patents on our  universal plug adapter invention in the U. S., and an even greater number of patents all over the world.  Unfortunately , there are a large number of  Chinese manufactures counterfeit our WA adapters in China.  Even worse, there are similar number of U.S. companies importing and selling those Chinese counterfeit plug adapters illegally here in the US.  That’s why we are here – we are here to educate the public, to fight the low quality counterfeit adapters with our high quality Wonpro adapters,  and to take legal actions against whoever chooses to continue to sell low quality illegal counterfeit plug adapters!

Illegal counterfeit plug adapter models in the US market:

7-Star series:   SS-410, SS-414, SS-415, etc.  (lawsuit pending)

PowerBright series:  GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, etc. 
Many others: Any  NO NAME  plug adapters

Be a Hero To Your Electronics !!!

Be a Hero To Your Electronics !!!.

Be a Hero To Your Electronics !!!

Now, either you are bored of your boring life, or you want to play Christopher Columbus, or you might just be dragged in it by someone. O yeah so what am I talking about? Well what am I trying to say is, you have decided to go on a holiday, maybe to a new country or how about it is assumed you decide to go to Europe. All righty then pack your bags, dump in it all the clothes you think you will need, then maybe some books (if you like them that is), and last but not the least the things that nowadays a very common or lets say without these you can’t live and leave your home. To name a few lets start with the basics: cell phones (smart or unsmart :P), notebook or mac, digital cameras (a plain digital or A DSLR!!), iPods or walkmans, tablet pcs (iPad anyone), bla bla bla… phew there are so many. Lets just say take the things that are most important, don’t take anything unnecessary. That will be just a drag to your peaceful vacation. Trust me it can turn into a nightmare if you do not organize your stuffs well.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are travelling and have electronics and gadgets is how to keep them out of danger (look out mac! its water aaaa!!), and to feed them the right food and at the right amount. So, after selecting your (dreamy or not dreamy) destination or maybe destinations, you should do a bit of research. . The easiest way is GOOGLE-ing!! yeah it’s that simple just sit in front of your Computer and google about the country (or countries) that you are planning to go to. What kind of weather is there? Next, does your electronics have what it takes to take on the climate and weather? Next, what voltage is used on the national power grid of your destination? (Again) Check whether your electronics would be able to dine on them. There’s another way in which you can find these out and that is if (look I said “if”) someone you know has gone to that place before, so just ask them the above stated questions (and a whole lot more).

So, I am going to throw some solutions to you. Buy a doohickey that will convert your appliances’ plug to fit in any sockets (of you destination), or buy universal adapters. There are a great bunch of online stores that sell a lot of these. And of course you  have to check your devices’ compatibility with these extra limbs. Just google for the “extra limbs” then check the user manuals of your devices (if you have lost it, then go to the store you bought it from, or again google it)

After all these hardships I hope you will become a hero or better still, A SUPER HERO, to your devices. And enjoy all the views, sights and sounds, the food. You will have a great experience but without precautions or taking care of your belongings, your dream vacation might turn into a nightmare, or it will be disastrous that’s already worse.

Choosing The Right European Outlet Adapter

It is not until we start planning a trip to Europe that we begin to realize just how much electronic equipment we will need to take with us. Everything from laptops, camcorders to cell phone chargers are probably going to accompany us on our trip. If we want to be able to use our equipment safely then we are going to have to go prepared and informed. We are going to need a European outlet adapter. This is because the plug used in Europe is different from those used in other parts of the world.

The way it works is the European outlet adapter is plugged into the socket and then the plug for your equipment plugs straight into this. Not too difficult but important to get right as we do not want to damage our expensive electronics. So how do we know which particular adapter to use for a certain country?  This is not too difficult as information on socket types and voltages is readily available. In many cases your travel agent will be able to offer you advice on the kind of European outlet adapter you are going to need. If not then the many retailers of such devices should be able to give information on the types of adapter available and which will work in the country you are visiting.

There are two questions you will need to ask. Firstly, will the European outlet adapter you are purchasing fit into the socket of the country you will be in. Secondly you will need to make sure that the adapter will be able to convert to the current used in the country. Areas such as North America use a 120V current whilst Europe uses 220/240V. In certain cases you may find that your laptop and certain chargers are already set up to use both currents, to find out check your owners manual. Once you have answered these questions to your satisfaction you can travel on to your destination safe in the knowledge your electronic equipment will work for you problem free every time you need it.